P.E.G’s main sales argument is to offer clients as wide a selection of their own production components as possible, with the opportunity to order everything from one location. This is possible since P.E.G’s members include, in addition to the directions of machine building and metalworking, tool manufacturing, metal, plastic, rubber and polyurethane casting, electronics, wood working and other industrial branches.

Customers of P.E.G benefit from:

•    Centralized supply of wide range of components by customers bill of material
•    Easy access to wide range of production technologies from casting to CNC machining
•    Quick and innovative processing and tracking of customers’ orders
•    High level of product quality and clearly described processes to ensure it
•    Cost saving due to twice cheaper labour
•    Efficient production achieved by investments in modern technology
•    ISO and EFQM based quality management
•    Attractive payment terms, quoting and invoicing in customers currency (EUR, GBP, SEK, USD)
•    Friendly, loyal and open relationship with customers, on-site visits are welcome

Our customers are active in fields like:

•    Design and building of various industrial machinery and equipment (mining, construction, material
processing, automotive, energetics, lifting-conveying)
•    Furniture and interior, with the top quality steel, plastic and wooden components
•    Manufacturing of products requiring automated machinery and production lines, quality assurance
equipment, jigs and fixtures.